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Seq Marks Carried Aircraft Type msn Previous Immediate ID Date of Allotment
Date of Registration
Date of Deletion Subsequent Fate Details
[reserved; unknown] 1946.11.xx [unknown] ntu
2 CF-FBV Boeing A75N1 75-2196 N49287 1952.03.20 1964.01.14 rebuilt
3 CF-FBV Boeing A75N1 75-3250 1964.01.09 1970.08.13 w/o
4 CF-FBV Douglas A-26B 27886 N8395H 1971.03.04 1974.12.04 w/o
5 C-FFBV Bell 206B JetRanger II 1016 N90819 1989.05.25 Current