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Seq Marks Carried Aircraft Type msn Previous Immediate ID Date of Allotment
Date of Registration
Date of Deletion Subsequent Fate Details
1 CF-ANT Mono Monocoupe 113 337 CF-ANI 1930.07.02 1930.07.xx dup; CF-ANI Yes
2 CF-ANT Taylor E-2 Cub 256 1935.06.18 1950.02.17 wfu
F CF-ANT McKimmon Special see CF-ANT Taylor E-2  
3 CF-ANT Beech D18S A-352 N52F 1958.09.30 1959.04.02 CF-LLF
4 CF-ANT Beech E18S-9700 BA-386 N5646D 1959.04.02 1977.10.14 w/o
2 CF-ANT Taylor E-2 Cub 256 [restored] 1982.12.08 Current